About Bison Construction, Inc.

Our Story

It really is all in the name: Bi-son AKA “two sons” speaks volumes about the Bison family story. Bison Construction, Inc. was not always the company that it is today. Brian Miller began with Miller Excavating in 1985 where he shared ownership and planted the seed for the future.

In the early days, projects included Forest Service road work, and general and residential excavation. When the 90’s hit, Miller started experimenting in the utilities construction industry with water/sewer work as a subcontractor. With a crew of only two men, the company worked tirelessly until late 2001. Miller purchased Miller Excavating and changed the name to Bison Contracting after his two sons that would eventually grow up and join the team.

Over the years, the company grew not only with the size of the projects but also by expanding the crew. Excavation and utilities work lead to additional services such as Auger Boring, Concrete and Pavement restoration, Treatment facility upgrades just to name a few… and the rest is history. Bison Construction, Inc. is proud to serve western Pennsylvania with family roots and an unbreakable foundation.

Mission: At Bison Construction, it is our
mission to deliver a superlative product that best serves our customers and employees by using continuous communication, safety, and good old fashioned hard work.

Vision: It is the vision of Bison
Construction to achieve growth through improving infrastructure left behind from generations past to benefit the generations of the future.

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